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Anonymous asked:

Question: Canonically, America and England aren't blood related, so why do people call it incest? They were adoptive brothers, yes, but there was no blood relation.

I think some believe it more as in a father-son relationship? 

"I hate USUK, I hate all the pairings with family. They are incest. Why can’t this fandom see that? I understand you probably find it sexy or adorable, but in reality it is wrong. Take a look at your siblings. Now think, would you have sex with them?"

Mod: I won’t be taking anymore confessions having to deal with USUK being incest since I’ve already posted so many of those. 


Sorry for being gone so long!

I just got all confessions done up and in the queue! The queue will post sometime between 2pm - 7pm everyday. 

Also, if you haven’t already, check out the rules page because it has been updated!

"I hate it when people draw England, Spain, France, and Prussia like they are anorexic. They are all former empires, and freaking pirates so anyone who possess common sense knows that pirates had to have muscle to manage on both land and sea."

Mod: I can see why they draw Prussia skinny, since he’s no longer an empire (But I’m pretty sure he’d be muscly like his brother) 


Sorry for not being active in like, forever. I’m not into Hetalia that much anymore. It was chill for a year or two, but it got a little too tiring to keep up with it all. I’ll try to still do submissions, but I’ve got work and college to focus in on too, so, no promises. 

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